About Evan

Hello everyone,

My name is Evan and I work in information technology. I enjoy many of the same activities as that of the majority of geeks. I enjoy learning about how the world develops via use of technology, software, and technical marvals such as this massive nesh network called the internet. I love topics like Artificial intelligence, neural networks, as well as the incredible lengths with which hackers may go to exploit their targets. I’m passionate about video games, my family, and my profession. I established this website for fun, got a hosting plan for my mom https://normagillespie.ca and my dad’s askthepastor.online. So figured I would use it to make a forum and blog and work on my youtube channel.

While you’re here, I hope you’ll participate in the forums, read articles, leave comments, and create your own discussions.

Feel free to visit my contact form if you do have any questions.

Thank you.