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For people under the age of 18, Google will shortly stop serving customized advertising.

Google will soon stop targeting ads at persons under the age of 18 based on their age, gender, or hobbies, as the internet giant comes under fire for doing so.

In 2022, the firm plans to increase protections for vulnerable groups and provide new options for customers to take charge of their ad experiences, according to the company.

According to a statement released late Monday, “We have made progress in providing a safer online experience for kids and teens by expanding safeguards to prevent age-sensitive ad categories from being shown to teens, and we will block ad targeting based on age, gender, or interests of people under 18.”

Digital marketing will be transformed to match your privacy expectations with the support of Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative, which is being led by Chrome’s browser.

If you want to control your experience with our products, we’ll keep working on new methods to do so, it said.
You may now learn more about the advertiser and the reason an ad was presented to you with Google’s new “About this ad” tab, according Google.